Auction FAQ

When is the next auction?

Please check the Auction Schedule page. All information about auction dates are promptly posted there. If the next auction date isn't listed, that's because we haven't received any information yet. Superauctions usually releases it's auction dates a few months in advance, other times they like to surprise us and wait until a few weeks before. Best bet either way, check back here often.

Is the auction open to the public?

Yes, anyone can attend and bid at the auction. The only requirement is a valid ID of some sort (like a driver's license).

What payment is accepted?

This depends on the auction company, but usually they accept only Cash or major Credit Cards.

How long will the auction last?

Depends on how many games have been brought to the auction. These days most auctions are over by 3pm. Keep in mind you can remove any game you've won before the auction is over.

How do I know what will be there? Is there a Game List?

If it's a special auction (like an arcade liquidation) then you've got a good chance of getting a game list before the auction. If it's a consignment auction (ie 99% of the auctions) then it's pretty much a mystery until the auction starts.

Thing is, nobody knows what's going to show up as the inventory is dependent on whatever people bring in. So each auction is completely unique and you literally won't know what's there until it starts. Sometimes we'll get a heads up on inventory if somebody drops off a machine the night before and reports back. If this happens it will be posted in our message forum.

How much does it cost to attend?

There is no entry fee for the auction. You will be charged a Buyer's Premium on anything you buy. The amount of this premium depends on the auction company. For example if the Buyer's Premium is 15% and you win a game with a bid of $100, it will cost you $115 at the register (plus tax).

If you do not buy anything you do not have to pay anything.

What if I want to sell a game at auction?

The details for selling a game will be dependent on the auction company. I would strongly recommend checking with them for the terms. For most Florida auctions the company will be Super Auctions and you can look up their selling rules at their website.

You will probably have to pay an insertion fee (per game) plus a percentage of the hammer price. Obviously you will be required to deliver the game to the auction site

How many Pinball games will there?? How many arcade games??

Like the "Game List" question, nobody knows! Normally you can expect 75-150 Video Arcade Games, 10-20 Pinball Machines and a variety of jukeboxes, redemption and counter top equipment but it can change (up or down) based on a lot of factors

If you'd like to get a ballpark idea of what the usual selection is like, take a look at the results from the several most recent auctions. Those are usually a good indicator of how large the next auction will be.

How do I get the games home?

Preferably in your truck! Seriously, consider how you are going to get the game home before you bid. If you don't have access to a suitable vehicle you can see if anyone is willing to help you move your game.